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Here’s why you should write a letter

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Get to know me more!

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Music is not for competition

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  1. creation
  2. promotion

Living in it more than in reality

Woman in Blue and White Floral Long Sleeve Shirt Holding A Round Shaped Puzzle and sleeping.
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You don’t have to be sorry for your past self because they a.k.a. you are okay

a child with his father and grandfather
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Summary of the documentary “Laughing Matters”

By Caveman from Wallpapercave


Physical Comedy

Tools of the Physical Comedian


A sign you are going good in life

flowers on a book
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3 blocks on a marble surface saying “you are smart”
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His heart beats after every seven and a half years

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A small safe for secrets part 2 — Open story

a white text on a black chalkboard with bronze borders, saying “It should never have come down to this.”
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From A Small Safe for Secrets Part 1

Open Story

Writer D

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